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Customer Reviews

“We had a wonderdul trip. Fernando is a great Pilot!

I found your web site process easy to navagate. However the best part was your great customer service and email coorespondance with me. You helped make this a great experience!

Wetravel to Panama several times each year and will contact you again for another flight.

Finally our driver would like to reach out and contact you for future client’s he transports. Can you advise me how best he may reach out to you?

Thanks again for a wonderful day of adventure.”

Best regards,

-Ellison Patterson Jr.
Skywave Communications Inc.

“We loved our flight and that is the perfect way to see the canal zone. Thank you for a safe and enjoyable ride.”

-Joan Core, Panama Helicopter Family Tour

“Hey Chris,

The flight itself was great. I really enjoyed seeing both oceans just minutes apart from one another and seeing Panama City by air. It was cool to see the entire canal start to finish and see the work on the new canal as well!

Thanks man,

-Trevor Voeltz, Aerial Tour

“For your (PFA’s) future tourists, I would suggest arriving at the Canal when it opens for visitors, as we did (with PFA.) We had a great view of everything and by the time we left it was already getting very crowded. Jose mentioned that he had been there in the afternoon the day before and there were thousands of people, so I don’t know how anyone would be able to see anything at all unless they were right in the front!

The helicopter ride was great, as the pilot was a lovely man and pointed out (sites to us)…We really enjoyed it.

All in all we had a good time. Thanks very much for setting things up for us.

Happy New Year!

Best wishes,”

-Pat Schwab and the Schwab Family of 5, Pennsylvania

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